What is love?

Date of publication 09.11.2017 Author: КeySi

Каждый человек в своей жизни стремится познать это светлое чувство под названием любовь. А что же это за чувство такое?

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A positive is the sum of three things: a positive attitude, goodwill and a joyful lifestyle. This is a joyful manner of communication, a vision in people (and yourself) of the best parties, drawing attention to the bright and joyful moments of life, this kind attitude towards people. These three elements of positive do not always live together: you can meet a wise person with a positive outlook that is not inclined to express joy, and there are joyful children who cheerfully swear and with obvious pleasure do mucks to their friends and parents.

The opposite of a positive is a negative, which brings together malevolence, a vision of everything in black light against the backdrop of a gloomy lifestyle. Where a person with a positive worldview sees a regular situation, an adventure or lesson, a person with a negative attitude of the world is a nuisance or a nightmare. Where a positive person will thank and smile, the negative will scold and reproach.